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Virtual training jmg institute soccer academy

Virtual Training

Training with video capsule explanatory and with demonstration of how to properly perform the exercises. Questionnaire on result in given time according to the exercises and the level of the course. Possibility of distance learning with the supervision of qualified instructors. The course are accessible by computer, tablet or mobile. In case of failure, there are possibilities to resume the training courses from the beginning.

Sports Technologies

Statistical Compilation Technologies individual. Statistics show the frequency of trainings and the speed of progress of each of the players while their allowing you to compare yourself to others athletes of the same level depending on the training. Software for creating championships and tournaments in real time within your club or in your quartier.

Virtual training soccer academy institut jmg technique evaluation

Levels and Certifications

Our training programs offer various levels with exams and certification in order to access higher level programs. The results required for certification at level virtual are lower than those required in our academies. They demand and require athletes with a lot of passion and determination to guarantee them a high technical quality level.

Available 24/7

Virtual training jmg institute soccer academy team juggling

Individual or Team

Our training programs are applicable for female athletes and male training individually, with friends in small groups or team training. We suggest not to start the sessions technical touch and control b before agee of 11 years Il is preferable at a young age to simply let the children play and have fun so that he develops a real passion for their sport.

Professional players trained in a JMG FOOTBALL Academy


Some statistics of the results obtained with our philosophy and development methodology

Years of development and training experience
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